Roulette System “31”

Such roulette  system is considered as one of the simplest, if we are talking about the process itself. However, it is also considered as one of the “most dangerous”, since it promises both huge winnings and huge sums of losses.

Like most popular systems, the main principle of system 31 is doubling the rate after losing.

And it  is both disadvantage and advantage simultaneously.

If talk about disadvantage –  the player will have to pay a huge sum , and double the bet  several times,(now imagine, that you lose)

But, it is also an advantage. Of course if you win. Well, and another advantage is that in the case of a win – the prize will be doubled.

A dangerous strategy for gamblers, doesn’t it?

To play it is necessary to  catch simple chances as black or  red, odd or even, less or more. Also, the player need to buy 31 counters (hence the name of the system)

All players are also worried about the question – “when should I stop?”

Obviously, having lost all 31 counters, it makes no sense to play further. The only option is to come the next time and try to take a revenge and return the lost. Possibly,  with surplus.

Also, many professional players  advises to stop when you have already won a relatively  big sum – it’s better to get at least something and not be at risk again.

But of course, it is only your choice!