Variety of Poker

All types of poker games can be divided into two main categories – cash games or tourney.

If playing the cash game,  players should make only money  parlays. The amount of money that a player rates  may be different (according to the limits in a casino).

The tourney  poker is fundamentally different. It starts at a certain tame , or when all the tables filled with players.

Each player gets the same amount of counters in exchange for a certain money purchase from which the prize of the tournament is formed. The player makes his or her rate by counter. If  losing all the counters the player leaves the game. The size of the cash prize depends on the place which player has taken in the tourney. Tournament poker is considered as a sport in many countries.

The main difference between these two categories  is that in a cash game the player’s goal is to win money , while in the tourney  the goal is to occupy the higher prize place. The winning strategies are very different.

Due to the way of betting, poker may be :

  • Limited – In limit poker  the player can bet only a certain standard sum. For example, with 1$  limit, players can’t bet more than1$.
  • Unlimited – In unlimited poker  wager’s size is not limited. Therefore, the player, if desired, can rate all his or her  counters .

And now let’s talk a little about the cards combinations in poker:

  1. Straight-flush –  it is an order of five cards of the same suit.
  2. Royal-flush – it includes such cards as the ace, the king, the lady, the valet and a dozen – these card also have to be of one suit.
  3. Four of a kind – four cards of the same caliber and one of another.
  4. Full-house –three cards of the same caliber and two of another .
  5. Flush – five cards of the same caliber.